Diamond In Car Crash…Vehicle Flipped 3 Times


Now Freddyo.com could not let another day go by without giving a shout out to our friend and supporter, rapper Diamond. Diamond was actually in terrible car accident on Thursday night, where her porche flipped over 3 times on 285 in Atlanta, Ga. Luckily, she was able to walk away from the accident with minor injuries. Thank God she is ok.

Diamond Crime Mob Twitter

For those that don’t know, in November 2007, Diamond left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career. She was conflicted about going solo, feeling bad and feeling like she betrayed the group. She stated:

I feel like it’s the best decision to make because the choices and opportunities that was presented in front of me the whole time while I was in the group, I’m able to take that now and not feel bad about it or not feel like I’m being disloyal to the group.

She released a series of mixtapes called Bitch Muzik, and one called P.M.S (Pardon My Swag).

In 2010, Diamond appeared on the remix of Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad” along with rappers Trina and Eve. Also in 2010 she released her first single on Battery Records/Jive called “Lotta Money” featuring Gucci Mane.

8 responses to “Diamond In Car Crash…Vehicle Flipped 3 Times”

  1. starr says:

    All I can say is you get in a car accident car flips 3 times and you tweet right away no other cars was involved she hit a tree, no police called was she taken to the hospital for observations and a couple of hour later she tweet at the airport boarding a flight for a show is she stupid or desperate for money cause my life is more important than a show
    Black people wake up that how many people dies in there sleep from accidents like this no signs of injury but later dies in sleep I mean is your life worth 3k for a show cause I know she not making that much for a show and this is 2 days after katstacks was tweeting the repo man was lookinf for scrappy car you do the math

  2. Joan Smith says:

    Black young women, wake up and live a clean decent life because it can be snatched away in a second. God tells us alot of things in different ways. Take heed.

  3. HTOWN DYME says:

    My only question is HOW DID THIS BITCH OWN A PORCHE???

  4. misstashababy says:

    Oh come on ya’ll r u guys serious?? The young women has a daughter to live for i thank god that everything is good with her becuz it could have been worst car accidents has claimed so many ppl life it could b one of us one day i wouldnt want any1 saying what u guys r saying about Diamond about me. Again thank god she wasnt badly hurt or even worst, may god’s angels contunie to watch over u and may god bless u Diamond.People dont say mean things “celebs” r just like us they bleed just like we do. This matter is serious.PS>i feel u go do ur thing work is work regardless F what ppl say they can #SUCKIT #BOW.

  5. rae says:

    Follow twitter.com/iamraesta ..I holds no bar tweet me ..sorry for diamond porshe but its material stuff it can be replaced u cannot …get well an better ms 32 …and to those other negative people stop #dead in your tracks

  6. Why people love too HATE >?
    yall should be happy she’s alive and doing well, !
    and thanking God thats shes still here ! stop being soo
    quick to talk about the negative things, because it aint even
    cool yo ! #RealTalk

  7. Ignorance...cant stand it says:

    Idk…..im just saying this should be in some sort of media presence……NOBODY but blog sites is reporting this……no pictures no evedince?

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