Did Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Get Married?


Amber Rose has been telling everybody that she wants to be Wiz’s wifey and the mother of his children. From the looks of things, I’m starting to wonder if the couple secretly got married. A picture has surfaced on the net of Wiz and Amber out in Las Vegas just a few days ago. In the pic, Amber is seen wearing a white dress and Wiz is in a black tux. When have you ever seen Wiz wear a tux? Makes me think they got married on the low and didn’t tell anybody! To add to the mix, Amber tweeted the other day calling Wiz her husband.

Sources around the internet state that, the two have actually been engaged for about 4 months now but kept it on the hush as they wanted to reveal the big news at Wiz’s birthday. Wiz’s birthday was two days ago…so is the cat out of the bag? Amber hasn’t tweeted since Wiz’s birthday either. So are they on their honeymoon? What do you think of this matter? Are they married or what?

Spotted @ IAmSuperGorge


  1. Lemme see…. The hand that she has on Wiz shoulder is her ring hand and there’s no wedding band nor engagement ring on that hand, so I’m guessing that, that pic is not a wedding pic.

  2. Now guess whos tryna steal the ROC Nation’s shine…She hatin fo’real!! Publicity Stunt?? Maybe so!!! Lets see what happens in the next 30 days! Go sit down somewhere Amber!!


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