Did Kris Humphries And Ray J Get Into It Today?


The New York Post reported today that Kris Humphries and Ray J were on a Delta flight headed from LA to New Orleans today and they were seated right across from each other. I know that had to be an awkward moment for Kris being that EVERYONE knows about the sex tape that featured Ray J and Kim. Ray J seemed to be cool about the entire situation though and even went up to Kris striking up some conversation and congratulated him on his recent wedding to Kris. But this is where things get interesting. Supposedly, Kris tried to play Ray J to the left and act like he didn’t know him. Ray J wasn’t having it though and called dude out saying, “Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations”. I guess Kim’s new hubby decided to keep the drama to a minimum and went ahead and admitted that he knew Ray J. How uncomfortable! While I’m still on the topic of Kim and Ray J’s sextape, I hear that a “mystery”  buyer (probably somebody from the Kardashian or Humphries camp) is trying to buy the sextape so that it can be taken off the market. While this is a good move for Kim’s image, I’m not sure how much it matters now. In all honesty, the sextape is old news and if you haven’t already seen it well…What do you think of Kris and Ray J’s run in though? You surprised no drama went down?

Spotted @NYPost


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