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Did Sheree Whitfield marry her long term prison inmate boyfriend?

Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone Gillian

Word on the curb is Sheree has finally married her long term prison inmate alleged boyfriend/fiance’. Rumors started floating around every since pictures of Sheree Whitfield and her boo Tyrone appeared on Media Takeout and started flooding the internet over the weekend. Is this a Bravo stunt or is Sheree madly in love with the Ivy League scam artist  . 

Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone Gilliam

Apparently this relationship has been lingering for a while now. Last year when Bravo Andy asked Sheree if she was married to inmate Tyrone Gilliam; she referred to Tyrone as a good friend of hers. Perhaps that’s all they are is really good friends. Sheree always loves a smart man with a pocket full of cash. This one happens to be behind bars. Then again there are a lot of innocent black men in the prison system for all kinds of things. The question still remains to be confirmed. Are they now married or nah?

The rumor mill has it that not only has this man been bankrolling Sheree’s Chateau Sheree project he’s been keeping his woman financially straight as well. I’m not saying Sheree is a gold digger but we all know she ain’t messing with no broke broke either. Remember this was the same guy that Sheree and Nene Leakes had the infamous fight over (his booking fees). It was Leakes who introduced Sheree to Tyrone to get booked to host but things turned sour when Sheree started demanding to get paid as much as Leakes was getting paid. It went from bad to worse from there ending up with the viral #fixthat face #fixthoseteeth video. Well seems like Sheree’s not worried about those days of the past & has probably apologized and thanked NeNe Leakes for introducing her to her new boo. Yeah right! Don’t hold your breath on seeing that video.

What do you think? Is this real or just for re-al-ity tv? We just got tricked with Sheree & Bob’s “relationship for the cameras” are we going to buy into this as well? The only selling points are A) She is wearing a wifey T-shirt B) Sheree  does look blissfully happy allowing this man to Boo Up with her (even if it was just for the photo) and C) this story has been a rumor for over a year now and D) Sheree was spotted at the prison visiting “her freind”.

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