Diddy Blog #1001…A Message to Haiti


Diddy took to his blog to send out well wishes to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and request that we “keep donating.”


Please try to give any way that you can.  It may be money or it may be volunteering at a Red Cross center packing boxes.


  1. You know what Diddy! Take your stengy ass down to haiti and give them some of your money. You need to be ashamed of yourself for not hiring the people that won your show “I wanna work for diddy”

  2. So you mean to tell me that Diddy didn’t hire the young lady that won? Telll me it isn’t soooo….. If this is the truth I will not be watching another season of this, if there is one. It just shows with everything he does how selfish he really is…. What ashame…….

  3. fuck diddy it aint about you nigga we don’t wanna fucking hear from you..go take your ass down there and pick up dead bodies do some beside trying to take them ppl shine,fuck u

  4. shiyah
    no he didn’t hire her or the winners from the other show he’s a fucking crook but his day coming to his ass fucking loser

  5. Ummm…? I hope he is donating, since he is encouraging the public to do so.I’ve gone hard on this guy for so long , but it looks like it does no good to bash him and his strange behaviour,smh.Every dog has his day.

  6. For those saying why dont these ppl go down there & help…lot of ppl cant get in. They rounded up so many volunteers in the medical field here in Oakland/SF ready to go, dying to go help. They were suppose to leave on a military plane but at the last minute they told thousands of volunteers that they cant get in & will be called when they can. UNBELIEVABLE! I was ooo mad but i can only imagine how they felt. Lot of ppl r just sitting around waiting for shyt to happen…its sickening how this is being ran


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