Diddy’s Credit Card Numbers Stolen And Posted On A Website


Perhaps Diddy has more enemies than he’s aware of. While it seems that the rapper is doing his best to give back to others, some mysterious individual(s) are still not feeling him and took vengeance against him. Just this week, the mogul’s credit card number to his American Express Black Card was posted to a website. They didn’t just stop at the credit card numbers either.

In addition to putting his credit card numbers on the website, they also posted his passport and personal phone numbers on the website. I’d venture to say that they have personal beef. The good thing is, Diddy is aware of the situation and has launched a personal investigation into the situation. No rep for Diddy has made an official statement on the situation.

Awkwardly, the website made mention of Diddy being a member of the Illumanti ( a group that supposedly secretly runs the world). Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Nonetheless, identity theft is no joke and it’s a serious situation having such confidential information posted to the entire world.

What’s your take on this situation?

Spotted @TMZ


  1. Whoever they are they have too much time on they hands lol they shoulda took some of that Duroc money and sent it to some charities, then I’d have been like that’s what I’m talking about lol

  2. He IS part of the Illuminati though. Basically everyone in the industry is. Its just that some of them agree with it, and others just want out. But once you’re in, the only way out is death.

  3. And I know exactly who did it. It was Anonymous. They are the only hacking group that has been able to hack Sony, along with multiple other companies. They are against the New World Order, they are Anti-Illuminati. Anyone with a brain would know they did it.

    Who is Anonymous?
    We all are.


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