Diddy’s (@iAmDiddy) stepson Quincy (@Quincy) Releases new music video for the Holidays!


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Most of you remember Quincy from his episode of MTV’s “Super Sweet 16” a few years ago well now he’s back with a new music video just in time for the holidays!  Quincy Brown is the oldest biological son of R&B icon Al B Sure & Kim Porter but has been taken under the wing of his step father SUPER MOGUL Sean “Diddy” Combs! It only makes sense that Quincy would pursue music considering the HEAVY musical influence in his upbringing & this song is definitely a permanent addition to my Christmas playlist. Check out the video & tell me what you think!

“Christmas Time” By International Quincy

Directed by:  Kiarash “fuXor” Behain

Starring: Jasmine Sanders

Produced By: E Double of  the Kore


This is definitely a Christmas song for the lovers! Visit www.internationalquincy.com to download the song for FREE!





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