Dionne Warwick Only Has $10 A Month?



Reports are swarming that singer Dionne Warwick only has $10 a month after paying all of her expenses. This is hard to believe because she has been in the music business for 50 years now. Find out why the star claims she only has $10 a month.

In a recent bankruptcy filing it shows that Warwick owes almost $10 million in back taxes and her monthly expenses exceed $20,000. We can’t speak for her life but $10 million in back taxes??? How do you have enough time to run up $20,000 a month in bills but not enough time to pay an accountant? I’m just wondering.

To make things worse, her monthly income is listed at $20, 950 which comes from royalties, retirement income and a contract with Culver City, Calif.-based Star Girl  Productions. This comes as a real shocker because if this is her monthly income and her expenses total up to about $20,000, she’s basically spending what she makes…and that’s never good.

In her defense, her publicist said that the singer was victimized by bad financial  management in the 1990s and that she has paid back the actual amount of the  taxes, but penalties and interest have accumulated over the years. Regardless of who’s fault it is, we want to see Dionne come out of this. $10 a month after everything? This doesn’t make any sense for somebody who has had a such a huge impact on the music industry.

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