Director Isaac Yowman Partners with the Sony Marvel Universe for ‘Venom’ Brisk Tea Promotional Campaign


Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from.

Why did you start IYO Visuals?

Wanting to create has always been a passion of mine. With my background in producing songs, videos for recording artist was a natural progression from music which introduced me to the world of film.

Have you had another career that wasn’t in the film industry?

Yes Music. Produced, Wrote & Engineered various multi platinum hits. And a few years back I was nominated for a Grammy for working on a Beyoncé’s album.

When did you know that working on film projects was actually going to be your career?

It went from a side hustle to a full on income driver that slowly start becoming as substantial as what I was making as a musician.

If you could get advice from anyone in your industry, who would it be and why?

If I could personal advice it would be Will Smith. The man is a pure genius and has sustained a successful career for over 2 decades straight. The way he moves with his wife, family and kids is very admirable. His thought process to life, marriage, work ethic all align with my thoughts and though he could afford anything very minimalistic which dope.

What’s the process of developing a film project for you?

IYO is team. A collective of creatives. Standalone I’m talented but our team is what makes US great!

Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

In 2016 I did a strategic partnership with Artifact Content has definitely opened up doors and gave me bigger opportunities but my foot was already in the door. I started IYO Visuals And was producing visuals for various well known brands and A List celebrities.

How did you get on the Sony & Venom project? 

Artifact Content presented the opportunity. I presented a full treatment and storyboard for the campaign almost 5 months ago and didn’t hear anything back until almost a month later.

How long did working on the Brisk project take?

A little over 4 months

Did you face any hardships working on this project? 

Sony Pictures & Marvel are very meticulous with their assets so I had to be on my A game 

What was your favorite part of working on this commercial? 

I had a chance to really showcase my skills as a director on a high level with 2 brands that are respected across the film community worldwide.

What do you hope to get out of your involvement with Sony?

Definitely looking to collaborate on more campaigns. We’re in talks.

What differentiates your from other brand film producers?

We’re young and we’re Houston based. Though most of our clients are on the West Coast we look to bring more large scale productions to the city. Atlanta is doing a great job at this and it’s no reason the 4th largest city in America shouldn’t have the capability, there’s plenty of great filmmakers in Houston, So we look to bridge the gap between Houston & Hollywood — Oh and our IYO team is majority minority, which to me is very special.

What’s your favorite marvel character? 

Of course Black Panther! That’s like asking who’s my favorite president…lol

Tell our readers what to look out for next from you?

New brand collaborations, we have some heat on the way with Adidas and some other secrets we can’t tell yet!

How can other brands get in contact with you?

Anything else you would like for our readers to know about you or your company?

We’re always looking for new talent. Follow me on all platforms @chillvibesAnd our company @iyoagency


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