Dirty Looks Lead to 7 Year Old Girl’s Senseless Murder



  1. I believe in Karma, he took the life of someones son and his daughter’s life was taken from him. What goes around comes a ground.

  2. Ummm… WALTER>>> I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE THAT SAY STUPID THINGS ARE WRONG… GROW UP!!!! MORON!! The little girl was not his daughter… The girl was shot when they tried to arrest THAT IDIOT WHO WAS NOT EVEN IN THAT APARTMENT. HE LIVED IN THE APRTMENT ABOVE THEM, WHERE HE WAS ARRESTED!!! The worst part is that he was not in the apartment that the little girl got shot in. The police went into the wrong apartment. She was killed for no reason at all. Please check you facts before you make dumb azz statements… please and thank you!!!

  3. And if that had been his daughter what a dumb comment that was, No child deserve their life taken. What kinda of karma is that ?

  4. @Dee…what he said may have been misinformed regarding the facts of the case…but KARMA IS REAL! KARMA IS HARD! KARMA IS THE WORST BITCH! Believe it! In reality, the police may have gone into the wrong apartment because the assailant and the occupants were friends and most likely harboring him as a fugitive. I’m sure they knew that he’d murdered someone. I grew up in Detroit and most people 40 and under promote violence and over indulgence. Focusing more on clothes from Somerset than education. Focusing more on fancy cars than somewhere nice to stay. Living in the projects driving Escalades with 26’s…walking around in furs and gators looking ridiculous. Man do I have a love/hate relationship with Detroit.

  5. I live in Detroit the little girl was his girlfriends neice. She was an innocent victim just like the 17 year old he is accused of killing was an innocent victim. He should pay for his crime as well as the police!

  6. I remember this. It was caught on video. Grown azz man killed a kid bcuz of something stupid. While they are channeling blame, let’s not forget the cop shot a child for what? What the heck was she doing to get shot? Did he see a gun or knife? I will assume no. With that being said, they went there to shoot anybody. What reason or how in the hell can you make a mistake and shoot a 7 year old sleeping child. They do this mess all the time. At the very least the cop should lose his job, but he wont.

  7. first off, both victims of the shooting were innocent chilldren. they reported that a woman in the apartment attacked the cop when they entered the apartment. it is quite ridiculous for ppl to think a cop would purposely shoot a child even if it did happen in detroit. all im sayin is make sure u get all the facts


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