Diva Lawrence Teaches You Ladies How To Dress



Diva Lawrence was recently spotted at Sheree’s fundraiser event. While there, he gave us all the secrets for ladies of how to dress to kill. He even told us to tell ya’ll  to step  your shoe game up.  Just in case you wanted to  know what he was wearing:  $118.00 BCBG tights,  A Vintage Chanel belt $850.o0, custom designed jacket by Needles and Threads $400.00, and Gucci shoes $795.00!  Ladies, you have to step your shoe game up, you don’t want to be a sideline ho, cause He and Yellow Meat will take yo man… Courtney L.


  1. BOI STOP!!!! This post is wrong on soooo many levels!! Let’s get to breaking this down:
    1) Are you telling me that “HE/SHE” spent somewhere from $2500-$5000 for that outfit!?
    2) Had the nerve to tell the ladies in that room that they needed to step they shoe game up!?
    3) Is wearing a skirt/bandu with leather tights???(I could see if they were opaque!)

    Now, typically, none of this would be a problem, however, How dare anyone come out they face and tell someone else to get it together when you don’t have it together yourself. Spending thousands of dollars on your clothes is fine, but can you PA-LEEASE spend $30 and an hour at the nail salon for a pedicure? Is that asking too much? Maybe even splurge for a manicure! I’m just sayin! Them toes are busted. Can we get a file or better yet a drill for that sh*t?! Nobody wants to look at that!! For real tho!!!

    And to top it all off! He/She LET you take up close pics of that shit!!! and publish it for everyone to see! SMDH!

    If he can get my man with them feet (or anyone else’s for that matter) he can have them!! Cause them toes are NSFW!!! lol I almost got fired opening up that pic!! LOL!

  2. So… he teaches us how to dress… I cant even hate… The style is hott… but… you got your toes out w/o the fresh pedicure and you don’t have a manicure… No ma’am… Get that Mani/Ped then we can talk… 🙂

  3. Well one thing is for sure, he surely doesn’t believe in taking care of his feet. If he is going to rock some $795 Gucci shoes, and can’t invest in a $20 pedicure, something is seriously wrong with him.

  4. For all of you that commented on the toes…. OMG>… I was thinking the same ish… how is this dude and he is a dude … you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day its still a pig.. no pun intended.. but DUDE.. HOW DARE YOU rock some GUCCI shoes with no pedi.. HUU-neeyy.. you need some lessons on what shoes to wear when you don’t have your feet correct… POW_POW!!!


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