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DJ Infamous of V-103 FM & Tour DJ for Ludacris, Endorsement with VIP Premium Energy Drink

Congratulations to DJ Infamous, radio personality and mixshow DJ of WVEE V-103 FM, and tour DJ for rap superstar, Ludacris, has teamed with emerging energy drink, VIP Premium, to build the brand’s awareness in Atlanta. 
DJ Infamous will develop his own signature drink for the brand.
“I’m excited to be a part of the VIP Premium brand”, says DJ Infamous, “I plan to flood the market and get my fans on board to make VIP the #1 energy drink!”
VIP Premium is a minority-owned company with distribution in Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Miami and growing, with the support of “big box” retailers; Walgreens, Walmart, Ingle’s & Kroger. The brand has taken an innovative approach by becoming the first gender-specific energy drink, with certain products containing ingredients beneficial to women’s health, and half the sugar of their competitors.
In addition to his new role with VIP Premium Energy Drink, DJ Infamous is tied to campaigns with Soul by Ludacris headphones, Neff Headwear, and the Ciroc Boyz. DJ Infamous is also a member of the Heavy Hitters DJ crew, and has plans to release his debut album soon, with first single “Itchin” featuring Future.
PREMIUM ENERGY is a company based in ATLANTA, GA,  focusing on the introduction of Premium Energy Drinks into the rapidly growing New Age beverage market. Our Brand is “Premium Energy,” the Mercedes Benz of energy drinks, and is available in a variety of flavors including; Premium Men’s, Premium Ladies, and Premium Men’s & Ladies sugar free. Additionally, these products were produced so consumers could fully experience the difference, and enjoy the superior taste over other brands. You will also find the taste of our drinks to be smooth with the added energy results.

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