DMX’s Wife Claims He Was Set Up (Video)


DMX’s wife thinks his recent arrest was a set up. She stated:
“He only had three weeks left [of probation], and they set him up. Because he was in a rehab that they put him in because he was driving dirty, and they gave him permission to go do a show. How do you give someone that’s supposed to be in a rehab permission to do a show? It was a set up, and then X, I can’t even believe that he even took a drink knowing the situation.”
Maybe she is the one that should be rehab. He admitted to it being his fault. Watch the video and look at the pics to see how crazy she sounds.

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  1. Im still praying for you X. I always think back to his performance when he broke down on stage and cried, talked about god and things he was going through and I felt the way he spoke, he was crying for help and I felt he was going to be a speaker of christ one day and I still feel that. You will beat this addiction one day…I always and forever will be praying for you.


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