DMX May Go To Celebrity Rehab



DMX can’t keep his nose clean. DMX ,whose real name is Earl Simmons, was recently arrested on not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 counts of violating his probation.  DMX ‘s  probation officer alleges DMX violated  his probation by messing with cocaine and not completing treatment.  He seriously has issues.  I guess DMX has hit hard times because this is just the latest in  a string of arrests for stealing, drug possession and beating animals. Haven’t you  learned  people don’t play about dogs?  DMX was sentenced to 20 months intensive probation with six months in jail beginning March 16th. This is another example of how the system fails us. If they can’t help this man with his drug problem he is bound to return. He has a chance to be released early if he’s accepted into an  inpatient  substance abuse program.    The judge is reportedly open to shipping DMX to a California treatment facility where Celebrity Rehab is taped.  Somebody please get this man in a 12 step program quick and pray for him.


  1. They don’t care to help us blacks can’t you tell they lock us up if we have a problem that we can’t control but release the white ones to do more crime and drugs.i wish obama change them crack laws while he’s in office.

  2. DMX used to be the bomb i didn’t know he hit rock bottom probably a reason behind his drug addiction usually every body has a reason


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