DMX’s Wife Writing Tell-All Book + DMX Arrested Again In Arizona


New York emcee DMX has had yet another run-in with Arizona authorities. The troubled rapper was arrested in Arizona on Tuesday for allegedly violating the terms of his probation with the use of illegal drugs. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has run afoul of the law numerous times over the past few years. He was released from an Arizona jail last May after serving more than 90 days for drug, fraud and animal cruelty charges. DMX’s attorney, meantime, is reaching out to VH1 “Celebrity Rehab” counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky for help. Gary Jenkins tells, quote, “He’s been battling addiction for some time and he’s in need of treatment.” Jenkins adds, quote, “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help. He’s a talented man. We’re praying for him.”

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In related news, DMX’s wife will be telling all in an upcoming book. Tashera Simmons is working on a book titled “Strength of Woman.” The publication will reportedly reveal the “not so glamorous life” that Simmons has endured while married to the New York emcee. A rep for “Mrs. DMX” discussed the book saying, quote, “She will be talking about her experience with her family and trying to hold them together through the DMX journey. Her story is a stellar, heart wrecking, powerful, firsthand account of survival and family strength in a chaotic life and the fame that came with that life.”.

DMX and Tashera Simmons have been married since 1999. In the years following, X has been arrested on charges ranging from animal abuse to drug possession. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has also been served with several paternity suits over the years. A release date for Tashera Simmons’ “Strength of Woman” has not been announced.

9 responses to “DMX’s Wife Writing Tell-All Book + DMX Arrested Again In Arizona”

  1. Ladii T says:

    Thats sad to see that he has fallin so far…he could have done big things in the rap game but them drugs will b your down fall. Im not gonna say anything negative about it because its not my place to pass judgment, but as far as his wife or ex wife whatever she is I dont think that will do anything to help him beat his battle, it will only make it more difficult to get clean. Its just taking advantage of his situation right now…yes she endured alot with him but in the end u only want him to get better because yall got kids together, u want ur kids to grown up with a dad. I just dont think what shes doing is right….

  2. LAYLA says:

    What can she possibly tell that the world doesn’t already know or assume?? Everyone knows that DMX has had multiple jump offs, children outside of his marriage, and addiction issues. I certainly would not be interested in reading this regurgitated information.

  3. bree says:

    its sad to see such a talented black man be wasted away because of drugs and addiction.i jus hope that dr.drew is able to help him with his issues.

    on the note of his wife publishing a book about their personal business, i feel that it can go either way. i think that if she does is gracefully and not to bash DMX as a person and a man, then it will go fine. but if she is using the book as a way to make a buck nd bash him as a person, then thats reflecting her as the kind of person she is.i just hope that she keeps in mind that he is still someones child and someones father.

  4. shalia says:

    – ewwwwwww ! hee look likk hee’s on druqss .. hee probably iss doee !!!!!!!!

  5. shalia says:

    nd hee lookss likk hee rapee ppl.. dads aa mess !

  6. Lon'ya says:

    i always gave props to DMX for bringin his hood chick or main squeeze in his arms of marriage and not choose some celebrity chick. he never forgot where he came from. But now his game is off the scene and i pray he get his life together for his family and himself. i will be the first to support her book.

  7. keithia says:

    dmx he look ugly because he look like he on that stuff

  8. MARY says:

    I’m a big DMX fan and I wish he get’s it together. He is an excellent actor and artist.Everytime I heard he was arrested i just shook mii head. Like X what are you doing my man. I hope Dr. Drew agree’s to help him because he needs help. D keep your head up and do you.I will always be a fan no matter what.Come on brother I know you can do it. One love.Ride or Die and I don’t want you to die. As for his ex-wife, sister when you write this book keep in mind that he’s got a disease and he needs help,he’s the farther of your children and you once loved this man.Yes you’ve been hurt and all but sister the man is down at rock bottom so just choose your words carefully.Let’s stop tearing our black men down. That’s all I’m saying.

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