Don Cheadle Plays Miles Davis In Biopic ‘Kill the Trumpet Player’


o-DON-CHEADLE-facebookDon Cheadle is describing his Miles Davis biopics a “gangster pic”.  Kill the Trumpet Player is about Miles Davis’ “silent period,” which was a six-year rut of inactivity between 1975 and 1981 that saw him sink to his lowest professional and personal depths with the legendary jazz player spending most of his time abusing drugs..  For a while the film had lacked studio backing and didn’t have a title.

Don Cheadle Signs On To Play Miles Davis In BiopicCheadle will be joined by Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor, who will respectively play Miles’ former wife, Frances Davis, and an unnamed reporter for Rolling Stone who helps the jazz legend “steal back his music.”

don-cheadle-miles-davisOf course you know anything involving Don Cheadle in a lead role is worth paying attention to.  The fact that Kill the Trumpet Player happens to be a movie he cares greatly about and has invested a ton of his time and energy in will make the anticipation for the film even higher than normal!

Here’s what Cheadle had to say about playing the jazz icon:


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