Don’t Call Em Young, Just Call Em Jeezy!



Da Snowman aka Mr. 17.5 aka Young Jeezy is dropping “Young” from his name. Seen above is the artwork for Jeezy’s track featuring Plies called “Lose My Mind.”Def Jam has also updated their website, and now refers to their artist as Jeezy. This is cool, but who actually called him “Young” Jeezy anyways? Nobody. That’s riiiighttttt!

Props to Rap-UP for the artwork


  1. Freddy we cant see what we typing>>>> But you are right Jeezy is what black people say…white people use the young…either way he sexy>>>lmao

    Fix it so we can see what we typing…. 🙂

  2. jeezy is done for gucci mane has took over i can’t remember the last jeezy song i heard up in the club it’s always gucci stuff.jeezy fell off bad he sucks now.


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