Dr. Dre Dropping “Detox” This Year, First Single This Month



The long wait for Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated “Detox” album appears to be coming to an end. Appearing on CNBC’s “Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo” on Monday, the famed producer said he expects the first single — “Under Pressure” — to arrive this month, with the album coming out later this year. Dre remarks, quote, “Hopefully we’ll be releasing that in the next two weeks or so. And I’m definitely gonna be putting out the album this year. Finally. I think everyone is gonna be happy with it.” “Under Pressure” will feature rap superstar Jay-Z, and, according to a Twitter post from E! News’ Michael Yo, Interscope Records is very excited about the track.

Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album has become something of an enigma in the hip-hop world, undergoing numerous delays throughout the past decade. Several big name hip-hop stars like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem and Ludacris have been linked to the project over the years. “Detox” will serve as Dr. Dre’s follow-up to his 1999 release “The Chronic 2001,” which has sold more than six-million copies in the United States. Dr. Dre has stated that this will be his final album


  1. DAMN!!!! FINALLY… Geeeesh it’s been years since he was suppose to drop Detox. Well let me not get to excited, it still may not come out … SMH


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