Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics Hit With 20-Million-Dollar Lawsuit



Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics is hit with a 20-Million Dollar Lawsuit. I guess the old saying more money more problems ring true.

Check out the details below.

Dr. Dre ‘s Beats Electronics is dealing with some serious legal claims. According to court documents obtained by TheWrap.com, David Hyman is accusing the company of firing him before he could collect millions of dollars in compensation. In 2012 Beats purchased Hyman’s online music subscription service, MOG. Under the terms of his contract with Beats, Hyman was set to receive a huge payout if MOG’s value went up within one year. Apparently, just before that year was up, Hyman was let go. In his lawsuit, Hyman claims he was laid off because he tried to get rid of a problematic employee. However, it also says the firing was part of a “bad faith plan and scheme” to deprive Hyman of the money he was due.

The lawsuit comes just as reports surface that Dre is close to entering a deal with Apple Inc. to sell his stake in Beats Electronics for a reported three-point-two-billion-dollars.

I am sure this story will continue to develop.


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