Drake Celebrates His 25th Birthday Las Vegas Style


October’s Own turned 25 today and he celebrated his birthday over the weekend in Las Vegas with family and friends. The popular nightclub Tao held the event where there were plenty of women, bottles, and power to pass around. Check inside for pictures and video from the event.

The Canadian rapper reportedly bought over 200 bottles and shots of Moscato for club patrons which we sure were more than happy to entertain the Young Money birthday boy.

“I’m here for ya’ll tonight,” Drake said the crowd. “If you want to drink, if you want to dance, if you want to party—ladies, if you want to f–k, I’m ’bout whatever. I turned 25 and I just want to thank each and every one of you for coming out tonight. I appreciate it. Let’s have some fun.”

Good Wood NYC x ATF: Drake’s 25th Birthday Present from Chris Lee on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Drake!!!!

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  1. For all that hate this I Rap About #FamousPeopleProblems artist, there’s no denying that the kid has done better at 25 than most of us do at 40 o_O Judging from the words he gave the crowd, he seems cocky, appreciative, and horny. The kind of things we admire in our rappers.


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