Drake First SNL Appearence+ Performs With Nicki Minaj


Drake recently made his first appearence on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and although we’ve seen him act before we’ve never seen his comedic side and to our surprise he was a hit. He also brought his labelmate and friend Nicki Minaj to perform the world premiere of his new single “Make Me Proud”. Check out the skits plus the performance inside.

Drake also participated in two skits during the show. The first was a very funny interview with Andy Samburg that ends with Drake showing off his Cosby sweaters and ability to act in interview situation.

The other happened during Weekend Update when Drake and the show’s Jay Pharoah showed up dressed as S-curled-down versions of Teen Wolf to perform a song called “Bag Jackin,” which is about their favorite Halloween activity: Snatching candy from trick or treaters.

How do you think Drake do on his first SNL performance?

Spotted @necolebitchie



  1. I love Nicki Minaj but I think I am over her movement also. maybe I’m ready for some fresh 100% real people and not all this bull and fake fat a$$

  2. haterrrrrrr that what yall r obvious yall like them cuz yall watching it and probably brought there CD’s STOP HATE PLEASE


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