Drake gets a custom jumbo jet



Reports from The Blast, say International Canadian rapper Drake get a custom-made jumbo jet.


Thats right! Drake has a custom jet being made, as apart of a partnership with a Canadian cargo company.The company, Cargojet is a scheduled cargo airline based in Ontario. 

Drake seems to be extremely proud of his business with Cargojets because the super-rapper was shared comments about the construction of the bird.

Sources say Cargojet CEO, Ajay Virmani is “pumped” to do business with the mega-star. Also reports say, planes like Drake’s range in price from between $75 and $100 million and he owns it outright, announcing to fans, ““No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners.”

So what does CargoJets and Drake have in common? Well, CargoJets is the most awarded jet company in Canada and Drake has broken records for most awarded music artist recently.

Overall, Drake has won 123 awards from 532 nominations, including a conservative 4 Grammy Awards from forty-two nominations. Also, Drake has won 27 awards from 81 nominations on the Billboard Music Awards.

Drake has broken the record for the number of Billboard Music Awards received by an artist – after picking up another 12 in May 2019.


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