Drake Takes Shot At Uncle Luke On New Track


Drake isn’t going to take Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell’s recent comments about the hip-hop community lying down.

MTV News says Drizzy takes a shot at Luke in a song called “The Motto,” which is on his upcoming album “Take Care.”

During one of the verses, Drake raps that someone needs to tell Uncle Luke that he’s out in clubs, meeting women, and living it up in a “condo up on Biscayne.”

Drake’s rhymes are in response to Luke’s comments last month in the “Miami New Times.”

Luke stated that he’s tired of rappers partying and having a good time in Miami, but never giving back to the community. Luke, who’s a south Florida resident, said if artists don’t start caring more about helping the city he’s going to have “their Miami cards revoked.”

Fans can check out “The Motto” in its entirety when “Take Care” drops later this month. The album is due in stores on November 15th. Until then here’s the song!!!!


  1. he needs to sit his soft behind down. lil corny a*s n*gg* aint built for no type of beef. he been told all rappers put my name in a verse you’ll never here a reply for it. in other words i want no part of no hip hop beef . now he want to step to uncle look negro please..better sit down before luke gets one of his daughter to f*ck this soft n*gg* up. hate wanna be hard rappers who pick and chooses who they will respond to. erryone know luke aint bout no beef , just freeeks

  2. Well you cant get mad because uncle luke did throw the first diss out there first bout YMCMB so let the games began

  3. Drake should watch his mouth. Just cause you ride with lil Wayne wack ass don’t make you gangsta!!! I bet if push came to shove drake would get treated!


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