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Drama Report: Looks Like @RickeySmiely Is In It Pretty Deep, Shocking Claims of An Excessive Sexcapade Lifestyle!


Chile tongues have been wagging for a few months now, but we tried to ignore them. But a new tidbit that has surfaced leaves us no choice.

From accusations of money mismanagement, to a lawsuit filed by his management. It’s looking like the walls are crumbling around our beloved Personality.

If you’ve been living under a rock. or Rickey Smiley doesn’t fit into your daily equation  of life, you may have not heard about the drama over at Camp Smiley.

We’ve been getting word about the massive firings and management squabbles for a minute. But Baller Alert REALLY sheds some light on the drama through a disgruntled employee hell bent on airing out Rickey’s alleged dirty laundry.

Per Baller Alert

:…. Smiley was also millions of dollars in debt. He owed millions of dollars to the Internal Revenue Service, and he routinely spent literally tens of thousands of dollars more than he earned each month.”

“Smiley persistently wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. By purchasing boats and automobiles he did not need, and buying airline tickets and renting luxurious hotel rooms for young women he solicited online, in nightclubs, or while on the road with “his boys,” Smiley lived the life of a drunken playboy, without shame or discretion.”

“Specifically, Smiley’s CFO determined that if Smiley did not continue to supplement his monthly revenue with live performances, his outrageous spending would put him more than $40,000 in the h*** each month—an astonishing fact given that Smiley’s gross monthly revenues exceeded $350,000. “

I can’t say that this is surprising. There’s stacks of Psychology regarding men and money. And if you’ve been in the entertainment business then this right here isn’t an original story.

But Chile..that is not all. It seems Rickey’s been quite the avid collector of women without their clothes. And one of the alleged suspecting scantily clad females is none other then the daughter of a one of the group members of R&B group Silk.

[Go Here To Read The Suite Which Was Filed On 2/4/2014]

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