Dream WNBA Team Remains Undefeated and Receives Fan Support From V-103


Dream-ATLAtlanta Dream Beats Liberty 75-46 or should we say Murders Liberty? The seats are filling up as this shot was taken final ending. Way to go City of Atlanta , V-103, RL (R & B Artist), Tyler Perry actor Brad James (For Better or Worse) supporting the DREAMRL-DreamRL (R&B Artist) from the Group NEXT. (Was he Laughing at the Liberty Score?)

RL-fansRl is never too busy for the fans “That’s cool bruh”

brad-800Actor/producer Brad James and his gf  actress Jazmin Burke

Yes the Atlanta Dream WNBA team keeps hope alive at a 4-0 win streak. V-103 Barabara Williams and Reggie Rouse extended VIP invitations supporting

RamonaDebreauxthe team. It’s always good to see familiar faces courtside at the games. Who could Ramona Debreaux possibly be texting? Let’s move closer to see.

ramonaD I hope Ramona was hiding and not looking for food in the bottom of that bag. Really?? Debreaux from V-103 was there supporting her city and the People Station v-103. We can’t wait to see what Ramona will have in her booth at the V103 car and bike show coming soon.

dream-mascotI wonder if he and Harry are cousins. I’m going to ask him

mascot-embarrassedWell that’s just great! I embarrassed him. I’m sorry. It was just a slight resemblance. Talk about sensitive

Dream-audienceBack to the Stans. They don’t mind photos. Stans equal = Fans in the Stans

jaelin=dreamSeems like there were several schools that brought kids out as well. Go Team! This is a great place for a family outing.

Dream-WinsEspecially if your family is on the winning team!


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