Dwayne Wade’s Wife Claims He Gave Her STDs & Cheated On Her???


The Homie Necolebitchie is reporting that TMZ, have received legal documents claiming that Siohvaughn lied about Dwyane Wade giving her a sexually transmitted disease. Last year, Siohvaughn filed papers claiming that Dwyane Wade abandoned his children, committed adultery and infected her with an STD. She also requested the names of all of his sexual partners..

However, during a deposition this week, a close friend of The Wades claims that Siohvaughn told her she had contracted the STD from another man that she was seeing.

Earlier this week, Dwyane Wade filed over 300 documents as part of his petition for sole custody of his two sons claiming that his wife wasn’t stable enough to parent their kids. Additionally he claims:

One day he sent his sister to pick up his kids and Siohvaughn and some of her friends circled her and started praying for her salvation.

Siohvaughn is participating in alternative avenues of worship that are completely outside of the status quo when it comes to how their sons should be raised.

He wanted to take his oldest son to NBA All Star Weekend but Siohvaughn planned her son’s birthday party during the same weekend (10 days after his birthday) so he would miss the game.

Siohvaughn claims:

Dwayne Wade’s filing is in retaliation of her asking for a protective order in March from Dwyane Wade

Dwyane’s abuse dates back as early as 2006

He has abandoned his kids and they are frightened to be around him because of his extreme mental cruelty towards her”.

If you ask me it sounds like she is saying anything she can to mess his name up cause he has moved on with his life… But I guess thats what happen when you have your cake and eat others cake too LOL …


What ya’ll think?

6 responses to “Dwayne Wade’s Wife Claims He Gave Her STDs & Cheated On Her???”

  1. DonnaMarie says:

    *Just a mess* in my cheryl pepsi riley voice

  2. Attorneymom says:

    Looks like Dwayne Wade found or paid a backstabbing b**** to offer damaging evidence against his wife.

  3. DIVALICIOUS1 says:

    It seems as though Dwayne’s soon to be ex-wife is a woman out for revenge any way she can get it. Doesn’t she know that all this crap she is saying will be heard or read by her children. Maybe she doesn’t care. Any woman who tells such lies with malice and forethought about their childrens’ father is only showing how pathetic and desperate they are to hurt the other party. Clearly she has no regard for anyone but herself. Such a sad situation.

  4. April Showers Bring May Flowers says:

    i feel the same it is just messed up how our black ppl are getting divorced first shaqfu now dwade whatever happen to workin things out in a loving manner if not for you al lease for your kids. this is a very ugly and bitter divorce get over your selves and focus on your children

  5. Jada04 says:

    I love WADE he can do no wrong in my eyes.

  6. SM says:


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