Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma Royce Reed Says She Was Just A Little Drunk


Gyantunplugged.com is reporting that Dwight Howard’s baby’s momma Royce Reed is speaking up about her participation in Ludacris booty shaking contest. It seems she’s embarrassed, and took to her own blog to issue a mea culpa:


Hello Everyone,

I’m writing this blog to address my dancing at the Superbowl Pool Party. I’m not going to pass blame on anyone but myself. What you saw on that video is not an accurate portrayal or description of Royce. Although a lot of you don’t think it was THAT BAD or say that I was JUST HAVING FUN, I DO feel I took it too far. After having a few drinks and enjoying a great time I was encouraged to participate in the contest.

I look at that video and to be honest I wish someone would’ve YOKED me off the stage lol. I wasnt smoking or doing drugs so I’ve learned to accept it for what it was. It’s not something I’m proud of but Im also not going to pity myself and say Im embarrassed or ashamed because I’m not. I DID IT! I OWN IT! IT WAS ME! I’m a company owner, a friend and most importantly a MOM, a daughter and a sister. I don’t like the way I looked on the video at all and im not going to CONTINUE to act like Im ok with it. So much has been written about me in the past that has been untrue and I feel like this incident has given people something tangible to hold against me. I am human therefore I’m not perfect and I do make mistakes.

This was a mistake that I wont repeat. Throw the rock, hide your hand…I still got hit! I’m still a project God is working on. I have a LONG way to go. I’m still strong and I’m still standing!

Personally I can’t blame her one bit. Ludacris’s brand new cognac Conjure is so light and sweet after a few drinks there’s no telling what you would do. Lets hope Dwight doesn’t try to use said video against her in court, though.


  1. She made herself look very desperate. I agree, now Dwight has just the amnition he needs when he goes to court. She just opened everyone’s eyes to the true trash that she is.

  2. half of ya’ll calling her trash are the same ones who are in the club every saturday shaking ya’ll asses. Stop judging people.

  3. he didn’t do anything wrong but have a good time. is wasn’t like She was in a sex tape. Very pretty girl and she Won the contest hands down

  4. yes, DWIGHT if you smart you’ll take this shyt with you to court when you go! she just hung her own skank ass.

  5. I think that this was very UN LADY LIKE ! Especially with the things that she has goin on with Dwight right now !!! There IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING FUN ! However, when you are battling someone publicly it may not be in the best interest to portray yourself as a HOT ASS GROUPIE on purpose or accidentally for that matter !!! I just hope everything works out.

  6. ….people …people….STOP IT! QUIT IT!…….Dwight will not go to court. This was a mistake which she admitted to…..granted, I do not know her…..but, let’s have common sense…which I know is hard for some of us! She will not lose custody of her child because of this one act ..and she shouldn’t.

  7. Two words GO GIRL do ya thing life is short fuck haters she fucked Dwight Howard who hasn’t he is trash for having sex out of wedlock not her falt that what he gets

  8. What ever! I agree go girl have fun!. She is just dancing. Not doing anything I have not seen many do at the clubs. I agree do you have fun forget the haters!

  9. A lot of these comments are sad!! This black woman dancing at a party is judged and convicted of being a woman of poor taste. Now on the other hand, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, etc. having sex and giving blow jobs on tape are now wealthy, have reached celeb status and are considered ‘HOT’. The biggest injustice in this country towards black women is coming from other black women!! “Wake The Hell Up!”


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