Dwight Howard Is Suing His Baby Mama For 500,500,000



(9/16/2010) Dwight Howard says he’s sick of his baby mama bashing him to the media and by her doing that she’s violating their court settlement now dude wants at least $500,500,000 to make things right. WOW Clearly Dwight forgot that she’s a baby mama and has nothing… Here’s all the dirt

TMZ has obtained legal docs filed by the Orlando Magic star in Orange County, Florida, in which he claims his baby mama Royce Reed — who stars on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” — leaked dirt about him to the media at least 11 times … thus violating a 2009 gag order.

In the docs, Howard explains that if the leaked stories reached 1,000,000 people — a safe estimate given that the stories were posted all over the Internet — the damages should add up to $500,500,000 based on the terms of their previous agreement.

A rep for Reed denies any wrongdoing — telling TMZ the leaked info originated from legal documents … which is “immune to any agreement made by the parties.”

I wonder how much of his own money he’s going to get back.


  1. Although that number is ridiculous he kinda has a point. I mean why would you go on a TV show called “BASKETBALL WIVES” knowing what kindof bullshit was going on in your life? That was dumb on her part like FOR REAL

  2. That boy is so hateful he need to leave her alone, D. Howard has no point just hate and she went on BASKETBALL WIVES so what? she has to make aliving dume ass, in this world it is just hate hate hate
    we all have children out of wedlock He is a fraid that the othe groupe is going fine out his darke side which they should stupid ass Boy.

  3. @It’s me, hell she bout needed the money! He’s such a kotex ass ninja! I’d slap his ass with a bloody pad!!
    Douche bag!

  4. i dnt get how people keep saying oh she went on basketball wives. When not in one episode did she say that man’s name shoot alot of people didnt even know who she was with to get on the show so he needs to stop it

  5. I thought he was a devout Christian I guess not if he was having unprotected sex and having an out of wedlock child. He needs to be ashamed of himself the way he’s going on with Reese. So what she went on the show at least she is trying to get her own money aside from his child support check. Leave the girl alone…I think he scard she might tell how nasty and disgusting his ass really is.


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