Eddie Long’s New Birth Christian Academy School Closes Down


 It seems like these days Eddie cant get a break. Eddie Long is back in the news after the church decided to close the “New Birth Christian Academy School.


Here’s what happen!!!!


A school affiliated with Bishop Eddie Long’s Georgia megachurch is shutting down.

Parents received letters, just two days before Christmas, telling them the school would close on January 4th.

Bishop Eddie Long Steps Down As Pastor Of “New Birth Church”

New Birth Christian Academy, which enrolls students in kindergarten through the 12th grade, has been struggling financially for years, officials said. A financial deficit and declining enrollment left its board of directors with no other option but to temporarily close the school, said a church statement.

Art Franklin, a spokesman for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, is keen to stress the school’s closure is not linked to the sexual allegations against Bishop Eddie Long, which culminated in the pastor taking a sabbatical to “tend to family business” after his wife filed for divorce.

Though, a parent, speaking to Channel 2 WSB-TV, begs to differ. “I don’t believe that,” she said in the interview, which did not disclose her identity. “I believe that this last straw with the divorce, the sealed settlement, it just does not look good. I really believe that people continued to take their children out as each allegation unfolded month after month.”

“Just like the parishioners have suffered, the children are now suffering,” said the parent, who is also upset the school gave such short notice.

Officials called the closing a business decision and said they “will do everything within our power to reopen the school at some point in the near future.” The letter also stated the staff at New Birth will help students and parents find a new school.

The academy, founded by Bishop Eddie Long and located within the church, is closing after 18 years, forcing parents of more than 200 students to scramble to find new schools by next week.

Tuition at the school ranged from $5,725 for New Birth members to just over $6,000 for non-members with more than $1,000 in non-refundable fees, according to the academy’s website.



  1. I have to say FreddyO, this picture is most fitting. Much sympathy for the students and their parents, even though this may be a blessing in disguise.

  2. the real reason the church is going broke… Eddie’s bill for all his lacefront wigs and muscle t-shirts got to be a bit much..

  3. They should have closed the school a long time ago. If they had closed the school, Eddie Long would not have had so many boys at this sexaul disposal. Eddie Long is a pedophile, who should be in prison. The members at New Birth or sicker than he is, if they continue to attend a church where he is the pastor. This man is sick and he has been sick for a very long time. I remember a report from a security guard at a hotel in Atlanta, where he was seen with boys in his hotel room on New Years Even, 2004. Someone should have stopped him from molesting boys back then and more thank likely before. This freak has been allowed to rape boys and collect millions of dollars from the fools who attend his church and believe that he is anything other than a FREAK. I hope his wife finalize the divorce and find a real man to love her; not a “boy butt lover” like Eddie Long. America, this is what you get when you worship a man instead of worshipping God.


  5. This man created all the problems that he is facing. If you are called to be a preacher, you should preach the gospel, not molest boys who have been placed in your trust as a pastor. Eddie Long took advantage of boys to satisfy his sexual cravings and now he must pay.

  6. I must say that Eddie Long appears guilty and he’s accusers appear money hungry. So I can’t place guilt. There is something guilty about both parties. Where are these children parents? Were they orphans? There are many questions and I’m sure no one will answer honestly. Why wish despair on the entire church? How could you judge each individual member? I trust one man with my daughter and few women. Parents we have to parent.


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