Elie Weisel Dies At 87!



Holocaust survivor, Elie Weisel was pronounced dead at age 87. He died in his home in Manhattan, New York on Saturday. This man was the voice for many jews that were unable to tell their story during the horrific dictatorship of Hitler.

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Elie was so recognized that he also was awarded the Noble Peace prize in 1986 for all of his marvelous books about his experiences in concentration camps. His books were so good that he was given the nickname “messenger of mankind” by many people.


It is times like these where we actually like to remember that things such as the Holocaust even happened and it wasn’t that long ago that it happened either. I am grateful for all the stories that he shared giving the jewish people a voice but I wish that people would make issues like this popular when they are actually occurring opposed to after the fact.


However, this man lived a good life and many people from his community and outside of his community respected him for what he shared. It must be hard to share such experiences but if no one speaks up then we all fall subject to history repeating itself with no control of the outcome.




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