Elise Neal Unhappy With Rick Ross’ Handlers


Seasoned actress Elise Neal is letting it known that she in unhappy with those who are in care of Rick Ross after his recent health emergencies. The actress who had a brief relationship with the rapper says “I think they’re pushing him too hard”.

Neal spoke with rumorfix.com and had this to say:

“I hate to say this, but I saw this coming, They don’t think about him or his health—pushing him to do all these videos, pushing tours and shows. He is not 20 years old anymore. No one seems to care about him really or overall his health.”


On Friday Ross suffered from a seizure while on a commercial flight to Memphis, TN. The plane made an emergency landing and Ross later tweeted that he was fine and will continue to do the show he had scheduled. No less than 24 hours he suffered yet another seizure while on a private jet and was then forced to cancel his upcoming appearence.

“If you have a medical emergency … if you have the people who are closest around you saying, ‘You’re alright,’ you’re going to be more apt to say, ‘I’m alright,’” the Hustle & Flow actress said.

Although Elise Neal and Ross remain friends their relationship ended earlier this year aledgedly due to Ross being seen with another woman.

Do you agree with Elise on Ross’ camp neglecting to attend to to his medical needs?

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  1. You have to blame the medical professionals too. How was he allowed to check out of the first hospital. Or did he just leave with the hangers ons’ assistance. The seizure story doesn’t make sense at all either. God bless him and I pray for a speedy recovery. Now that he’s taking some time off I’m sure he’ll make some better decisions.

  2. Elise Neal is certainly entitled to her opinion concerning Rick Ross, especially if she’s dated him in the past. I do feel that many of these celebrities have far too many people around them who are “YES PEOPLE” and they’re not going to tell these celebrities the truth like I would.

    I also have to blame these celebrities as well, because they enable these hangers-on people to be in their inner circle, knowing full well these people couldn’t really care less about them as people, and only their money and what they can get from them without really having to earn it.

  3. Rick Ross is a grown man he have to take responsible for his own health.yes he might have people there pushing him to work harder but he alone his responsible for himself. from what i see he live heavy and hard with drinking
    Smoking and he his overweight.leave the blame on him.

  4. I agree with Stacy, Rick has to take care of his self. When he goes to party no one is forcing him to eat and drink. I hope this is a wake up call for him.

  5. I didn’t know they dated neither.

    Hospitals cannot keep an adult against their will. If they say they are ok, they sign a form that say they are voluntarily leaving & relieving the hospital from any liabilities.

    If this is his very first seizure, no one had any business signing him out of the hospital.


    Via MebApp.com

  7. In all things you must care for yourself more than anything else. If you pay attention to your body it will surely give you signs that it needs rest. I LOVE “Da BAWSE” and I noticed that he has dropped some weight. I agree with Elise Neal but instead of making a statement to the media, my statement would have been made crystal clear by ME being right by his side as soon as I heard about the incident. LOVE YA ROZAY!!!!!!!!

  8. He needs to sit his fat ass down somewhere loose some weight, or become a cop again. He is not a spring chicken by far.


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