Erica Campbell of Mary Mary Release First SOLO Track: “I Need a Little More Jesus”

So PROUD of  the homie Erica for stepping out and launching her solo project.  Erica is looking AMAZING as she pursue her passion for GOSPEL MUSIC. It became evident during the WE production of MARY MARY; that Erica had the real passion for music while Tina preferred the home life with Teddy and their tribe of children.
 Erica and Tina has reassured all of their fans that they are STILL a duo, but Erica is doing her own thing on the side. Check out her first solo track: “I Need a Little More Jesus“.

Regarding “I Need Just a Little More Jesus”, we think she needs a little more “TIME” in addition to JESUS. Stepping out-of-the-way of the lightening bolt.
It’s not a bad song however with a solo project you would expect a song that showcased her AWESOME singing abilities/capabilities, this song didn’t do that at all. We don’t want to be negative about the song but let’s be optimistic that the rest of the album has something better to offer.
We give this song 3 out of 5 stars: 1 for originality, 1 for sound, 1 for lyrics.
Look out for Erica’s as-yet-untitled solo album, set for release on My  Block Records/ eOne Music, later this year.What did you think about “I Need Just a Little More Jesus“?
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Story by: Tiffany


  1. A Little More Jesus is a joke. I see a smaller version of the Lord in my head. Can’t get with this song on a serious level.

  2. Come on! We all need a little more Jesus! The song deals with our real feelings, when stuff happens in our lives. Stuff that almost make you unzip your religion. That’s when you “need a little more Jesus”!

  3. Cynthia^^^^ (also my moms{rip} name)..I totally agree with you….5++++ stars for ericka..any1 goin less..YOU NEED A LOT MORE JESUS!..but in all reality GOD does not get why do we rate our blessed artists ability to make us all praise dance shout sing along to have MMMMMMMMMMMM JUST A LITTLE MORE JESUS!.


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