Erica Dixon gives birth to twins


TV star Erica Dixon has successfully delivered twins. However, sources say she is choosing not to reveal who the father is.

Erica Dixon, former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star has given birth to twin daughters. Her whole pregnacy process has been filled with excitement and anticipation because noone besides — probally her closest friends knows who the father of the twins are. However, Erica has confirmed its not her ex, rapper Lil Scrappy. It seems that flame has diminsihed. Now that her twins are born we expect Erica to be “getting that body right” and perhaps getting back into television. 

Erica had to leave her daughters at the hospital for medical reasons. She shared a few words on that situation; “Today was one of the most difficult days of my life. I have been blessed with two beautiful baby girls but to have to leave them there just tore me apart,” she wrote. “Praying they can can come home sooner than later. I’m missing them so much already.”

When newborns dont come home immediately, its not always a scare, this is pretty common after pregnacies. Fans are just hoping that the babies are healthy and happy, and we are expecting photos to be released soon. There are no reports of the twins being in NICU ( neonatal intensive care unit) so things should be going well.


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