Erykah Badu Naked Twitter Photos, Erykah Says It’s Her Little Sister


Badu is back in the nude news. Erykah Badu broke the news that the woman featured in a series of nude photos posted on twitter earlier this week wasn’t her at all but actually her little sister. Crunktastical Check out the photos below…

Sources report on Tuesday Wayne Coyne, frontman of the psychedelic rock group The Flaming Lips, hit Twitter to throw up some behind-the-scenes shots from the video shoot of the upcoming Badu/Lips collaboration ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.’
The pictures show a woman looking very much like Erykah bathing in a bathtub full of glitter, what looks like blood and, according to Coyne, um, ‘a tub full of fake semen.’
However, Jay Electronica’s (and Andre 3000’s and The D.O.C.’s) baby mother later cleared up the case of mistaken identity via her own Twitter account:
“Those nude photos posted by Wayne (flaming lips) are of the beautiful Nayrok my lil sister and bestee.We do look alike.Video looks cosmic.”


In fairness, anyone who’s seen Erykah’s controversially flesh-baring video for ‘Window Seat’ will agree, she and Nayrok share more than just a facial similarity…

Check out the news clip…


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