Erykah Badu To Pursue A Career In Midwifery


This news was shocking when I heard it, but believe it or not, singer Erykah Badu is now pursuing a career in midwifery. That’s right! Erykah Badu wants to help deliver your baby! Erykah is working to become a midwife after acting as a birth doula and helping close friends deliver their baby naturally.

I think Erykah will be natural at this. She told People magazine that, “ I’ve always had a mothering nature. But I didn’t plan on becoming a doula. I just wanted to care for my family and friends. When I saw the baby, I cried. I knew what I was supposed to do with my life.”

This isn’t some new stunt that she’s pulling out of the air either. Erykah has been offering her services and coaching support for years now. She helps mothers and mothers-to-be to relax and stay healthy by giving massages and using a stress reduction technique called Reiki. I would have never guessed that Erykah would pick up this profession but it seems she’s pretty good at it.

To further pursue her love for midwifery, she is now a spokeswoman for the International Center for Traditional Childbearing and plans to open up birthing centers in inner cities.

What do you think of Erykah Badu’s new career choice? Are you surprised?

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