Erykah Badu’s Twitter Beef with Follower


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Erykah Badu battles fan on Twitter for the world to see. The usually cool Erykah Badu got with a fan who felt the need to complain about the neo-soul superstar’s late performance at concert.

Check out the Twitter beef here!

An Erykah Badu fan with the Twitter handle @HoldenSaysWha sarcastically responded that Erykah is INFAMOUS for being fashionably late for her performances.


erykah-badu-freddy-oerykah-badu-freddy-oerykah-badu-freddy-oerykah-badu-freddy-oerykah-badu-freddy-oWow that’s CRAZY!
 We find that people have BALLS of STEEL on social media. Not too sure about @KnorrHolden but she seems to have what we like to call “KEYBOARD COURAGE”. Would she have the balls to call Ms Badu an Industry Ho in person?
I never seen anyone portray negativity to Erykah Badu a woman who have projected positivity and uplifting the community her whole career.
We think Erykah should have just ignored the initial tweet. But this just goes to show the power of social media and the humanity of our favorite stars.
Do you think Erykah was right about responding to the fan/hater?
How do you think she should have handled the situation?
Leave a comment below.
Shout out to OH NO THEY DIDN’T for capturing all of the tweets to help us craft this article on Keyboard Courage!


  1. Omg..That a girl E. I loved it! We from Dallas..we call that Nice material Erykah. She tried to run.. Brang dat azz back.lmbo

  2. Erykah Badu is the “ONLY” entertainer that I would like to meet. ( because I am so not star stuck) I love Erykah because she is not afraid to be who she is. ( a breath of fresh air) Not only that but she refuses to compromise her art and who she is just to please other people, and I dig that. I see Erykah as a beautiful black female who has taken advantage of the platform that has been given to her to inspire people spiritually the best way that she knows how. I can’t believe that a black female would insult another black female publicly who has done nothing but share herself with others. Erykah is very intriguing and unique. She is strong and inspirational. There is nobody like Erykah Badu, she is original and she is all of that and more. Stop hating on Erykah. Your hating can’t change the fact that she is “Da Bomb”!


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