Evander Holyfield Owes 500K In Child Support


More money or no money, more problems?! Evander Holyfield‘s major money and debt continues. As reported by TMZ, he is currently held in contempt of court for failing to pay more than half a million dollars in back child support.

The GA Deptartment of Human Services had gone after him for his 18-year old daughter. According to the documents filed in Georgia the amount owed is $563,900.91. Holyfield was held in contempt and ordered to immediately pay $2,950 a month. He cut a check at first of  $17,700 making a small dent in the debt. The payment plan has just started and the judge has also ordered that a percentage of Holyfield’s income will be taken in order to pay down the debt.

Holyfield was having problems with paying on his Georgia residence as well. His mansion was foreclosed on back in July 2012. He owed more than $14 million on the home.

Maybe the champ should have stayed in the ring a little longer?!


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