Evelyn Lozada Lands New Reality Show on OWN



Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada is back! The mother of two has laid low for some time, but she is coming back stronger than ever with a new reality show on OWN!

Check out the details below!

Reality star Evelyn Lozada is coming back to TV, but not to revive VH1’s hit show “Basketball Wives!” The former “mean girl” has landed a new show on the Oprah’s OWN.

We will get an exclusive look into the NY native’s life. How she’s juggling love with her fiancĂ© Carl Crawford, being a mommy of two, and her career. The show will air in July of this year.

Lozada took to her IG to announce the great news!


Hmm…I won’t lie! I’m extremely curious to see her new show? It will be great to see a softer side of Ms. Lozada!

What are your thoughts?


  1. I can’t believe this! O has gone very low to put this poor representation of a woman on tv? No more own for me.


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