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EVENT: Ebony Steele, #Married2Medicine Doctor Jackie, and More Spotted at Komen Atlanta’s Bubbles and Bling!


I had the opportunity to experience Komen Atlanta’s First ‘Bubbles and Bling’ hosted by the homie Ebony Steele to benefit breast cancer research and awareness. At the heart of I believe in giving back to the community and was more than happy to cover this event when my friends over at 10 Squared PR extended the invitation.


In additon to supporting an amazing charity I got the chance to catch up with my girls Ebony Steele, Doctor Jackie, and Jaquitta Williams!


Check out the details below.


Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta is doing great things to help spread awareness about breast cancer research. So many women and some men find themselves dealing with the rough effects of breast cancer. Bubbles and Bling was held at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery. The event was hosted by the homie Ebony Steele  and Celeste Holmes. It was a night full of fundraising fun that included delicious food, eclectic cocktails, and live entertainment from Celeste Holmes with her gal pals Jaye Lish and Evah Destruction. In addition to the female personators Dylan Michael and The Mad Violinist kept the audience throughly entertained.


The first thing the guest saw upon entering the art gallery was the “Endowment Tree” featuring all kinds of bras of all shapes and sizes. It was truly a sight to behold.


Attendees were invited to bid on exciting auction prizes, and one lucky guest won a one carat diamond with a glass of champagne! That was the bling. The event was sponsored by Kroger, Agile, Bank of America, Universal Diamonds just to name a few.


Breast Cancer can impact any woman/man; FreddyO wants you all to be diligent about your health. Go to the doctor and get checked out. If something feels off; trust your instincts and get help!

Kudos to the homies over at Komen Atlanta for all of their great work and research to help the ladies of metro Atlanta. To learn more about Komen Atlanta check them out here.

Check out the fun we had below.
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