Exclusive: Basketball Wives Reunion Uncut What REALLY Happened



The REAL dirt comes out in the uncut version of the Basketball Wives Reunion show. Check out who ‘Black Santa Claus‘ really is, what rapper Bambi smashed and what Gloria REALLY said to Bambi!! Details all inside. 

bbw-reunion2According to an HSK’s exclusive  some of the unanswered questions we all want to know behind the drama with Basketball Wives LA. Bambi and recently broke down their now squashed beef over their secret sponsor, during BBWLA’s reunion. Well, he isn’t a basketball player he is reportedly a man named, Harold Porter, who is just a ‘street dope boy.’

bbw-reuion-black-santaBambi may have long been keeping true to her self-noted commandment “if you’re a hoe, you have to own it”. Allegedly back in 2009 – when the aspiring female rapper was on the set of the movie “Janky Promoters“, playing a minor acting role – a run-in with Young Jeezy led Bambi to knock the boots. Apparently Jeezy promised Bambi his help in her rap career, but after the hookup he said she didn’t have what it takes.

Gloria Govan says she was railroaded by Basketball Wives LA producers, after she opted not to invite VH1 cameras to her and Matt Barnes wedding. She said after she returned as an actual ‘wife’ she was ambushed and the lead was Bambi on the show. She believes they even purposely edited out what was really said in her response to Bambi’s verbal attack against her.


Here’s what Gloria said to Bambi (which producers reportedly left out in the editing process):

“First of all bitch, you’re irrelevant. You came on the show as a fan and audience member. You saw season one, and because of Malaysia, got into it. You thought you would come on here as her plus one sidekick, not liking me.

I haven’t seen you a day in my life – nor have we ever hung out, so your opinions are irrelevant because you don’t have a clue what’s going on. You take words from other people and use them as your own. I don’t even know why you would be in a studio — knowing fully well you haven’t even made a single, or sold a mixtape out of you car.

You think by bringing up Compton bullshit, old ass rumors to try to bring me down. Bitch please!”

Here’s what Gloria had to say to Malaysia (which we’re told was also edited out of the reunion show):

“I was implying that I’m the original member from Basketball Wives Miami. I was presented, from VH1, the opportunity to start a spin-off, since I moved to L.A.

If Shaunie was an active producer then why would my sister be on the show — or better yet why would she have given me an opportunity to have my own show?

I know I moved out here excited to work with VH1, and they tried to play me.”



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