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Exclusive Interview with Mariah Huq of “Married to Medicine”

Mariah Huq-married-to-medicine-interview

We had the privilege to meet Mariah Huq the mastermind behind the Married to Medicine reality show at Indique Atlanta Grand Opening. She was looking so fly that I just had to get an interview out of her. Check out what Mariah had to say about being a Wife, a Businesswoman, a Reality TV Star, and working being the biggest boss chick on Married 2 Medicine.

Mariah Huq of “Married to Medicine” stays busy. The home girl has a very active business and social life while managing it all with her husband and 2 kids. We spott Maraiah looking quite jazzy as she mingled with the guests at Indique Atlanta’s Grand Opening. I told her,

“Hey Mariah, you should talk to ya boy FreddyO and give me the details of what’s going on with you and Married 2 Medicine!”.

Mariah smiled and told me she would be more than happy to tell me and all of you what’s been going on with her, Married 2 Medicine, and her thoughts on relationships.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

FreddyO: Hey Mariah! I love your suit girl. Can I get a picture and ask you a couple of questions?

Mariah: Sure, give me one second to put these bags down and give you a real good picture. (Smile)

FreddyO: So what’s been going on Mariah since the show?

Mariah: Girl it’s been very busy and VERY BOSSY!

FreddyO: When are we coming back to Bravo?

Mariah: You know what we come back at the end of February 2014. We actually start filming in 2 weeks.

FreddyO: Oh Good! We can’t wait to see you girl.

Mariah: (Laughs) I can’t wait for you all to see us girls!

FreddyO: Will there be some new girls added to the cast?

Mariah: Yes girl. Aint nothing wrong with a little new. You always need a little new fresh blood. Yes Maam Hunty!

FreddyO: High Five on that!

Mariah: Yes!

FreddyO: As a woman. As a business woman. As a married woman with children. It’s rare we get to see married couples with children on television. Honestly this type of family structure is ignored in the reality tv genre. Do you have any advice for the ladies?

Mariah: Focus on your relationship first. Actually focus on yourself first. Do you first. You have to be comfortable in your skin before you can complete someone else. But I do think that women should put their relationships first. On the show you see that I am a mom, a wife, a business woman but even with it being my show I still put my family first. No matter what’s going on. When I get booked for stuff I sometimes have to decline because I choose to put my family first. You got to keep things in balance. You also gotta know how to make a man feel special. Make your man feel SPECIAL! YES!

FreddyO: As the creator of Married to Medicine did the show evolve into what you hoped it would be?

Mariah: Absolutely not! You know it did not. At first I was disappointed because I really wanted to go against the grain of what reality tv does but at the end of the day it’s entertainment. I did not have as much creative say the first time around because it was little old me against big old BRAVO. At the end of the day they know the ingredients for success. They have done it and have built a multi-billion dollar brand. So I have to trust them a little bit with the direction of the series. I was not proud of everything that happened. But I was most proud of the fact that I was able to introduce a platform highlighting young, minority and very successful families. I highlight black WIVES in an arena that shows the absolute opposite! We are all wives. We are all college educated. There was a lot of positivity as well.

As you can see the home girl Mariah is mad cool. We chatted a bit off the record and I guess you will have to keep your ears to the street to see what’s cooking up in the kitchen for ya boy and the lovely Mariah Huq of Married 2 Medicine.

So remember to mark your calendars for the return of “Married to Medicine” coming back to Bravo February 2014.

Are you a fan of Married 2 Medicine?

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Photo courtesy of Diana Nicole for FreddyO.

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