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[Exclusive] T.I. Celebrates ‘Trap Muzik’ 15th Year Anniversary

When it comes to hip-hop, there is no sound as ubiquitous as trap music. From the bass-heavy synths and 808s to the lyrical depictions of hustling, the sub-genre has evolved as have its contributors. He celebrates ‘Trap Muzik’ 15th year anniversary at “The Rose Bar” in Atlanta.

In a recent interview, he discussed how his second-studio album Trap Muzik brought the sound of the South to the masses. “Who’s album was Trap Muzik?,” the rapper asked rhetorically. “Since it was introduced to the world, there were people who came on and enforced it and kinda spread the genre out.”

However, this isn’t the first time that T.I. has proclaimed his crown as the originator of the sub-genre. Earlier this year, the rapper sat down with Angie Martinez and stated that “there was no such thing as trap music” before his debut.

In addition to re-affirming his title, The Grand Hustle founder also spoke openly about his working relationship with Eminem and witnessing the Slim Shady’s creative process. “Eminem is probably one of the most talented, capable, intellectual, technicians of wordplay I have ever experienced,” he offered.

“Both times we worked, I had the opportunity of watching him actually put this s**t together, and it was truly of another world. Eminem and Andre 3000 are the most meticulous artists I’ve ever worked with, and they’re very critical of themselves.”

“But, if you go back to who truly started it ― I must humbly say myself,” he asserts.

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