EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Phaedra Parks Discuss “Secrets of a Southern Belle” and Having it ALL!

I got the opportunity to catch up with the homie Phaedra Parks at her “Secrets of a Southern Belle” book signing at Books a Million within Sugarloaf Mills Mall. Phaedra Parks has taken all of her southern charm and class and packed it into a neat little handbook for any girl or boy looking to enhance their life or upgrade themselves.

Check out the amazing photos of the book signing and awesome interview Phaedra gave me below.

Phaedra Parks of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” known for her southern girl flair is bringing all of her charm to a book store near you. I had the opportunity to get an autographed copy of “Secrets of a Southern Belle“. While I snapped pictures of Phaedra and her adoring fans I realized this book is right on time. Check out what Phaedra has to say about her new book, balancing motherhood, marriage, & the holiday, and her Black Friday Shopping plans in the interview below.


FreddyO & Dea: Hey Phaedra! Congrats on your new book. Can we snag a quick interview out of you?

Phaedra Parks: Hey Yall!

FreddyO & Dea: What can you tell us real quickly about “Southern Belle”? I’m a southern belle and you are a southern belle. Georgia girls ROCK!

Phaedra Parks: Yes Hunty! Georgia Girls ROCK! We rule the WORLD!

FreddyO & Dea: Yes! What can we expect from “Secrets of a Southern Belle”?

Phaedra Parks: Everything fabulous, sassy, and southern! I talk about all the things we do down south and all the things that you shouldn’t be doing down south. I talk about my love of being a southern girl. You don’t have to be from the south to be a southern belle. But you have to do things in excellence and in order. I’m all about protocol.

FredyO & Dea: You are here with your fabulous fans. Gearing up for the holidays. Do you have anything special going on this week?

DSC_1701Phaedra Parks: Well I started picking my collard greens today. Honey I am putting that turkey on tomorrow. I got my momma peeling sweet potatoes and those red potatoes. We plan on having a FEAST!

FreddyO & Dea: Wow that sounds like a FEAST! Will it be at your house?

Phaedra Parks: Yes it will be at my house.

FreddyO & Dea: Wow! What one tip do you have for women like yourself who’s balancing being a career woman, wife, and mother during the holidays?

Phaedra Parks:  My one tip is just give yourself a break. Enjoy the moment. You don’t have to do everything in excellence strive to do everything pretty darn good. Realize the things that fall by the wayside just needs to be. Just let it be! Holidays is about family, delicious food, being thankful, and enjoying the things that truly matter. If you have your health, family, and friends realize you can pick the rest up later. If you look at my book honey I will show you how to balance it all. I show you how to even get the southern dishes while balancing it all.

FreddyO & Dea: We can’t wait to dive into this book. It sounds so interesting. Let’s talk about we are digging your pink sharpie (Phaedra autographed each book with a pink sharpie) Phaedra! So cute and girlie!

Phaedra Parks: Yes that’s the way I do it!

FreddyO & Dea: We love us some Phaedra! You are looking gorgeous after giving birth. Congrats on the new baby!

Phaedra Parks: Thank you! The second time and a Cesarean section.

FreddyO & Dea: Wow, you had to go through that? Man looking at you we would never know that!

Phaedra Parks: Yes maam. I had two Cesareans. I can’t spit them out they rip them out.

FreddyO & Dea: You look fabulous! GO HEAD!

Phaedra Parks: Thanks. You have to keep it together. I talk about that in the book. You have to invest into foundation garments. Don’t leave home without your foundation garments! Yes they help a girl get and keep it right!

FreddyO & Dea: You are a slim girl. Please look into our camera and tell the slim girls that foundation garments are their friends too!

Phaedra Parks: Yes honey. You should always have on a SOLID FOUNDATION! No one wants to see anything rolling and rippling. Uh Uh. BRING IT IN. CINCH IT! SNATCH IT!

FreddyO & Dea: Are you going to do another work out dvd?

Phaedra Parks: Yes, my prenatal workout dvd! It was shot two days before I had my baby. It’s coming in December.

FreddyO & Dea: Right in time for the holiday!


Phaedra Parks: Yes. It’s for the ladies who want to continue to workout during the pregnancies. I got something that might put you into labor. It’s so much fun and the ladies will love to do it!

FreddyO & Dea: Are you doing any Black Friday shopping?

Phaedra Parks: You know Black Friday is my most favorite shopping day of the year. But now it’s uncomfortable now because of the television stuff. But I love waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning. I have on my little hoodie with my scarf at Target trying to get me a tv for $59.00 and I know I don’t need it. I just want it because it is cheap!

FreddyO & Dea: Yall heard it here. Phaedra is a Target shopper and she might be out this Black Friday. Look for the lady in the hoodie with matching scarf!

Phaedra Parks: Exactly hun! Trying to run in and out.

FreddyO: you mean TAR-JAY?

Phaedra Parks: Yes, TAR-JAY! oui oui!

FreddyO & Dea: We know you’ve had a long day. Thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us!

Phaedra Parks: THANK YOU! FreddyO is my favorite. He is a southern gentlemen!

Be sure to check out Phaedra Parks’ “Secrets of a Southern Belle“.

This is such a good look! Check out our videos with Phaedra Parks below:

Happy Thanksgiving from our hearts to you all. Be

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