Faith Evans Gets A New Reality Show + Maia Campbell Off Of Drugs


According to, looks like Faith Evans will be stepping from behind the mic and in front of the CAMERAS! Reality shows seem to be the latest craze among celebrities, and an even greater number for R&B singers. Kim Kardashian, Hugh Hefner, Ice T and CoCo, Ray J, Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Fantasia have placed their lives on the flat screens for the world to see. Now, Faith Evans will join them when she releases her 6th album and debuts her own reality show called “It’s All About Faith.”

As one of the original cast members of Bad Boy, Faith will let viewers into her home as she prepares to return to the spotlight after a 5-year hiatus. Years since the death of her husband Notorious Big,  Evans will reveal her personal side in a reality show that introduces fans to the mother, wife, and entreprenuer sides of the already established singer.

The reality show and new studio album will be released through E1 Television and E1 Music.


On another note, Actress Maia Campbell–who was last seen on a scary and erratic PROSTITUTE SPEECH looking a complete METH wreck–was spotted on Melrose Ave. Word is she was placed  in a rehab facility to get help. Looks like it’s working. She’s starting to look like that sweet chic from “In the House”with LL Cool J. Ms. Campbell was truly DOWN BAD. This is beautiful REDEMPTION. What do ya’ll think?

According to photographer Seven, Maia was “looking good and very happy and upbeat.” There was no sign of her being high, and she was carrying a bag of Miss Jessie’s hair care products. She looked to be fully on the road to recovery with the drug abuse as a thing of the past. Normally, she is unwilling to take pictures, but she “was more than cooperative and happy to do so this time around.”

The Old Maia…God is good…

6 responses to “Faith Evans Gets A New Reality Show + Maia Campbell Off Of Drugs”

  1. lizzyb says:

    Just keep her in prayer

  2. Jamaicafest says:

    I am very happy for Maia.

  3. l says:

    Glad to see Maia looking healthy and clean. Prays for her sobriety and sanity.Yay…Maia!!!

  4. naybesa says:

    OMG im sooo happy that she’s doing better it just broke my heart when i saw that video for the first time a few months ago.

  5. Jazz says:

    She is still a fabulous actress and very beautiful we all have issues in this life’s journey nevertheless God is much more bigger than our problems and he will uphold her through all things no doubt! my prayers are upon you . Continue to be encourage Maia all will be alright in due time keep your head and stay , sober and focus love you always…

  6. Byron Jenkins says:

    I just wind of the last video of Maia on melrose ave, and it disturbed me. I just didn’t like the fact that we as black people are still not sticking together, and we still kick our own people while they’re down, and not only that . They were laughing at her too. Instead of motivating her to go and get help, and instead of up lifting her, they posted those 2 videos to exploit her, and embarrass her. That’s not cool at all. You know! They say never judge a person because you don’t know what she’s been thru. Maia lost her bestfriend which was her mother Ms. BeBe Campbel, and she had a had time coping with her loss, and you guys should respect the fact that some of you still have you mom. She spent anymore. Whoever posted those 2 videos , you should be ashamed of yourselves. You wouldn’t want anyone doing the same thing to you. Pray for her, and send some encouraging words to show her she still has fans that still, and will always love her. Leave her alone, and just pray for her. Don’t just throw her under the bus like that. She is still human and she has feelings too. Uplift her with your words, encourage her, and let’s show her that we all have fallen short of the glory of god. We love you Maia.

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