{Fake Beefs} Young Jeezy & Rick Ross Have No Beef


Recently Dj Khaled stated that there is no beef between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy! We all know that Dj Khaled and Rick Ross are like family so his word is very credible. Khaled says:

“I don’t condone problems.  That’s just what I do. I represent that love and just making great music. Them two guys, they don’t have no problems. I guess people in the streets just try to make things into a problem. But that’s just life. That’s how you know when you hot. And that’s just part of the game. When you in the game and you successful you have to deal with things like that. But you know, they aint got no problems. It’s all love.”

There you have it folks! Straight from the mouth of Dj Khaled. Catch the video here:


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