False Rumor:Monica’s Husband Shannon Brown Cheating With Draya


There are false crazy rumors hitting the internet that Monica’s husband, Shannon Brown, has been caught in bed with Draya. Draya is the ex-girlfriend of a few of your favorite people like Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kenyon Martin, and the list continues. The rumor comes from a photo that is floating around that makes it look as if Draya and Shannon are in bed together. Of course this is not true! Now is it just me, or does it look like Chris Brown in this picture? Nonetheless,  Draya took to her twitter account, which is now the standard for celebrities, with her point of view on this rumor:

Wonder who her “real man” is? Anybody know? Is he famous too?

Basically in so many words, she aint no homewrecker and she’s too worried about trying to get somebody to put a ring on it for this to even be true. Monica and Shannon are a happy couple and people need to quit with the false rumors. It’s quite ridiculous. I don’t think Shannon would be cheating after the grand wedding that took place just a few weeks ago. C’mon now! Just because Draya has a long rap sheet of famous men that she’s been with doesn’t mean that this rumor is true. What’s your take on the situation? You tired of hearing people make up ridiculous rumors like this too?


  1. Cause I love MO and Shannon love her more so I dont he wants 2 mess that up, cause she’s gonna help him stay relevant when b-ball is over!

  2. Shannon is crazy as HELL about his beautiful wife Monica, he respects her and he’s serious about their marriage. I respect him so much for showing his wife so much love and respect, 1 thing’s for sure Shannon Brown knows what he has and he’s not going to mess it up like some of those idiots out there do on a regular. Beautiful Couple Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Brown…..


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