“Family Matters” Cherie Johnson Wants To Do Playboy



According to TMZ, Childhood sitcom star Cherie Johnson recently revealed she wanted to do playboy and for quite sometime. A 35 year-old Cherie says ever since she was 18 she’d wanted to pose nude for playboy. But has yet had the opportunity. Recently she was seen taking a nude photograph on the beach in hopes that the Playboy officials will get a hold of it.

She jokingly says she used to tease her mother and grandmother about her Playboy aspirations:

“I have been threatening my family that I was going to do ‘Playboy’ since I was 18 years old.”

Cherie adds,

“When my mom said ‘Okay’ … and my grandma said, ‘Bring me a autographed copy,’ I figured I’d make it a goal.”

Well if she does or doesn’t just know your boy FreddyO is in full support of her wanting to reveal a little eye candy for us fellas.


  1. Poor thing hasn’t had a job since Family Matters so she resorts to this. She’s pretty but not enough for Play Boy. She looks like a regular black female nothing so special that the magazines would fly off the shelves for. They put well known sluts like Kim Kardashian on Playboy not former child stars who had bit roles on a D listed family sitcom. SMH

  2. This girl needs to talk to Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew or someone, she’s lost it, how low can you go???? What other aspirations does she have?? Is her self esteem that low???? How sad.

  3. Oh, brotha. She’s too lazy to grind & hustle with the casting call auditions. ‘Tis true, actors will hear, ‘”I’m sorry. We’be chosen someone else for the character of such ‘n such, but good luck in all your endeavors.” She’s afraid of rejection, but thas how the game is. Welp! Carry on, Ms. Cherie. I’m chillin’ ova here in the no-judgment zone.


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