Fan “Not Upset” After Kid Cudi Punched Him In The Face


A hip-hop fan who was reportedly punched by Kid Cudi over the weekend says it’s all water under the bridge. “Could be me, I got to give it to the guy”, says Michael Sharpe, who doesn’t plan on filing charges against the “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper for allegedly beating him. Sharpe states, quote, “I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges.” The alleged incident occurred during Kid Cudi’s Saturday night set at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sharpe claims that a person behind him threw a wallet on stage, prompting Kid Cudi to toss it back into the crowd. Sharpe wound up catching the wallet and heaving it behind him, at which point Cudi allegedly entered the crowd and began punching him.

Kid Cudi is currently out on the road with Lady GaGa on her Monster’s Ball Tour. The alleged punching incident took place at a special Kid Cudi show that was not part of his trek with Lady GaGa. The two will be in Las Vegas this Thursday, performing at the Pearl at The Palms.


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