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Fans Come For Michelle Williams w/ #PoorMichelle


Black Michelle Williams is not amused over a hashtag on black twitter that paints her as broke, hurt and needing her shine. Michelle responds to the brash #PoorMichelle.

DC’s Michelle Williams has been painted as basically a prop to the Beyonce and Kelly’s bigger goals. When she came on board years ago, replacing long time members Latoya and Latavia, Williams has oftentimes been on the receiving end of numerous jokes.

But a new hashtag and website is drawing attention due to its due-diligence in painting Williams as unappreciated., a blog dedicated to curating both images and videos that document the plight of DC3’s sometimes under-appreciated member. The posts are typically accompanied by a brief description of the specific offense against Williams, just to ensure you fully understand the moment of injustice presented.

The time she had to wear pants #PoorMichelle 

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