Fantasia Barrino Says Her Focus Is On Her Career + Her Interview On Oprah Show


R&B songstress Fantasia Barrino is enjoying the single life in her new cut “Even Angels.” The season three “American Idol” winner broke up with boyfriend, rapper Young Dro, in 2009. She says they split because she didn’t feel she could focus on the relationship and her career at the same time. Fantasia says, quote, “I mainly just focus on my career right now…When I let [the relationship] be my main focus, it interfered with everything else I had going on. I kinda stopped performing.” She says she became a “housewife” instead of a singer and the people around her were asking her what she was doing.

Fantasia says she remains good friends with Dro, but for right now, she says, quote, “I had to make [my career] my first love because I fought so hard for it — this is my boo right now.” Catch Fantasia in her reality show, “Fantasia For Real,” Mondays on Vh1 at 10:00 p.m. eastern.


  1. Fantasia is a good person she just wants everybody to be happy. Keep your focus Tasia @ still see Young Dro if you want to! Your my girl, @ kick Tiny out for good he act like a big kid! Much love Tasia!From your girl Kisha Cole.

  2. Good for her. Go Fantasia, if it was meant to be, he’ll stick around & wait it out til you achieve as much success as you can, maybe a Grammy win in the future. She deserves to be happy. Family. you gotta love em, but a person can only take so much…

  3. Fantasia i’m one of your biggest fans everyone use to say that i looked like you i had the short hair style as well as the lip ring. I want you to know that you really touch my heart everytime you sing and spend time with your daughter. when i first seen your book i picked it up and started reading and then i went to the counter and paid for it. it was a wrap i read that book in 2 days thats how much my life reminds me of your i have a daughter as well and im going through what you went through but im learning from a strong black african american that will never stop and i thank you for that my god bless you and keep you may be i will be where you at im in school now for business so wish me the best of luck and i always do the same for you mrs. barrino


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